Friday, 15 August 2014

Here in Chiang Mai

A four day weekend saw us finally visit the northern city of Chiang Mai. This is the most northern part of Thailand we have visited and it was considerably cooler than our home of Nakhon Sawan.

It's seems that everyone had the same idea for the holiday and the buses were so packed that we ended up travelling as stowaways in with the luggage but it was surprisingly comfortable and I had a pretty good sleep as well as a free meal!

Chiang Mai is a tourist destination and we enjoyed the associated the perks which included plenty of markets, a variety of different cuisines and …… wait for it……. wine. In a proper, long stemmed wine glass. And that's not all……….. gin. That's right, I shared a litre of delicious red wine over some delicious buttery cheese filled pasta and then followed it with a gin and tonic. That's what I call a holiday!

I was far too preoccupied to take photos of the wine and cheese but I did snap some other goodies...

But it wasn't all about food and alcohol (not quite anyway!) there are some gorgeous temples in Chiang Mai and the city a very relaxing vibe. We enjoyed wandering the streets, every now and then stopping to pop into a temple or grab a smoothie.

And the shopping to be done there. I had to be very restrained. There are wonderful markets full of crafts - lots of beautiful hill tribe patterns that I needed to be dragged away from!

We are looking forward to returning to Chiang Mai, which is just 6 hours from Nakhon Sawan and so makes a good long weekend break. Next time I think we will explore the more 'adventure' side of the city and surrounding area!

P.s. We also celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Chiang Mai which made us feel rather grown up and wonder where the past year has gone. It has been a great and very eventful year and we hope the next one will be as exciting!

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