Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Here in Nakhon Sawan: Loi Krathong

Apologies for being lax on the blogging front lately, being back at school has kept us busy but I promise there is a Hong Kong post and a video from way back in July coming your way.

Our first week back in Nakhon Sawan coincided with the Loi Krathong festival which celebrates the end of the rainy season. Thais Light 'krathongs' (traditional made from banana tree and leaf but these days can be anything from plastic to bread)  and set them off on the river along with all their bad feelings. Some people also set off lanterns and in Chiang Mai, where this festival is a much bigger occasion, it can be quite a spectacular sight!

We headed down to source of the 'mighty' Chao Praya river with Nici and Steph (a new teacher and friend at our school) to set of our own krathong (made from bread of course, to feed the fishies!). It was a small but nice occasion and since it was 6th November and there were fireworks I felt like I hadn't missed out on bonfire night!

I'm glad we experienced another Thai festival and, as promised, the weather has got considerably cooler! I would love to see Loi Krathong in Chiang Mai one year....

Traditional 'krathongs'

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