Friday, 5 December 2014

Wish we could be there!

Today I am feeling like a bad friend.

One of my oldest and bestest friends is getting married and I'm 6,000 miles away.

I met Rachel when I was 10 - she was the new girl in school and we bonded over both being freakishly tall for our age. Since then we've been through teenage crushes, unwise experiments with alcohol and some rather questionable fashion choices as well as hundreds of wonderful memories.

Since university, we've lived far from each other (although this is by far the furthest to date!) but when we do see each other, nothing has ever changed.  I miss the days when I would pop round her house after school for a cup of tea and Neighbours but she is still one of my best friends and as I get older I realise that time and distance are not barriers to a good friendship.

When we whiled away hours after school gossiping and discussing how we definitely wouldn't get married before 24 before we were strong independent women and we wanted to have careers first (because obviously after 24 you're past it and you can't possibly have a career once you're married) I never dreamt that I wouldn't be there when you 'tied the knot'.

So today I will be feeling slightly sad that I can't be there with you but mainly thrilled that you are both starting an exciting new chapter in your lives. I may not be able to celebrate your wedding with you today but I am sure there will be countless opportunities to witness and celebrate your marriage in the many years to come.

I love you and miss you - CONGRATULATIONS!

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