Saturday, 24 January 2015

We are couch surfers!

Well actually we haven't 'surfed' yet but we hosted for the first time last week and it was an incredible experience. Opening up your home to complete strangers is a fairly daunting prospect and I admit that we were a little scared about the whole thing.

Of course we had no need to fear and we were blessed with truly wonderful guests. Jon and Coco are very special people and being able to eat, drink, chat and laugh with them was a real pleasure.

Couchsurfing is not just about a place to stay, it's an exchange and this was demonstrated to us perfectly. We gave two people a bed for a couple of nights but I came away feeling that they had given us so much more in company and friendship.

Maybe we peaked early but we are looking forward to meeting many more people in this way. If you have ever thought about getting involved or are interested in this idea I would urge you to take the plunge - you never know who you'll meet!

P.S. How awesome in Jon's beard? Well of course it is cos he produces Beard Balm for a living. Go check it out - I don't have a beard but it sure smells good!

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