Monday, 12 January 2015

Sawatdee Pi Mai


This a rather late New Year post but frankly we've been far too busy eating our weight in chocolate and cheese with friends and family to notice how quickly the New Year is already running away from us!

2014 was quite a year for us, it saw us both quit our jobs and move to Thailand to teach. For the first few months, everything felt new, scary and exciting and it definitely took us a while to get used to the jobs and culture - not to mention the heat. We are still learning all the time but we feel very settled in our new home and love our jobs and our life here. Over the year we visited Hong Kong (twice!) and Malaysia as well as countless beautiful places in Thailand. All of that was after taking in our favourite parts of the UK before we left in the Spring.

We have many things to look forward in 2015, with lots of visitors expected and holidays planned for ourselves (maybe even a trip to the UK later in the year...) But to try and help make the day-to-day of 2015 even better we've made a few simple resolutions. I think they are all attainable and very realistic as well as fun (apart from maybe the first one!)
1. (Ruth only) I am going vegan for January.
Frankly veganism hasn't won me over so far -I hadn't realised quite how many eggs I eat! But I'm stubborn so I'll stick with it until the 31st.  
2. Read 12 books each.
We always have a queue of books to read and normally only read on holiday so we are pledging to read a book a month this year. 
3. Visit one new Nakhon Sawan establishment each month.This could be a restaurant/bar/cafe/juice bar etc... just somewhere new :) 
4. Learn to speak Thai!
This is difficult, and a bit vague for a resolution, but it's something that we really want to do. We have picked up a bit of Thai and can get by at home and on our travels but we really haven't made much of an effort to develop our conversational skills. We both need to be brave and ask people to repeat what they said or speak slowly rather than just assuming I won't be able to understand them! 

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