Saturday, 7 March 2015

February roundup

  • Mum and Dad Millington visited Thailand!
We showed my parents the bright lights of Nakhon Sawan and enjoyed some quality time together. They survived the heat, chillies and motorbikes and even made an appearance on the school T.V. station!

 One of Nakhon sawan's main attractions - a large swamp which is home to vibrant Lotus flowers.

Look how beautiful my mother is!

They're famous!

  • New bar - 'Analogue'
Our 'new place' for February, we had been eying this up for a while and went a couple of times with my parents as it was on the same road as their hotel.
It's decorated with VHS and cassette cases and has a huge tv with a variety of 90's games consoles so you can play Mario Cart whilst enjoying a Leo.

  • Matt entered his 'late twenties'
And celebrated with burgers and cake :)

  • Chinese New Year
More on this to come in blog and video form but it was quite a spectacle!

  • Confession time...
There's only so much fun you can cram into 28 days and the crisp pages of our books have sat abandoned on our bookshelf. So we are both committing to read TWO book in March - promise!

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